For more than a decade central government has made cuts to real term funding of schools across the UK. Many don’t have a budget to cover basic art materials for their students. Children are having to submit GCSE coursework on A4 photocopy paper and create their paintings using powder paint alone! Research shows that consequently, there has been a steep reduction in the arts provision provided in state-funded secondary schools. Fewer students have the opportunity to engage in the arts leading to fewer enrolling in these subjects at A-level or university.

Since 2020 Luke Jerram has awarded over £27,000 of funding, to 20 secondary schools and Alternative Learning Provisions across Bristol, to spend on materials, trips to exhibitions, art clubs, sensory sessions, high-quality equipment and visiting-artist workshops.

Positive Measurable Impact
As a consequence of the fund, more students have been choosing to study art and exam results have gone up! Read more about the impact here.

This year’s School Arts Fund is now open! Information about how to apply has been sent out to all schools. If you haven’t received the application email please contact us on:

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